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I Trip logo with a mushroom and text that reads "destigmatize psychedelics"

ITrip is ON A MISSION is to destigmatize psychedelics by starting conversations, answering questions, and encouraging others who are ready to do the same.

As many as 5.5 million Americans adults are consuming psychedelics and the vast majority of us are having positive experiences that are profoundly impacting our lives. 


By coming together and telling people why we trip, we will proudly and loudly destigmatize psychedelics. 

Heading that reads "Ways to join the I Trip movement"

Start conversations by wearing ITrip merch. Shop here.

Proudly rep your ITrip merch and share how psychedelics have impacted your life. 

Maybe you trip for healing, spirituality, connection, or creativity. Maybe it's something else. We'd love for you to tell your psychedelic story on the ITrip podcast. Want to be heard, but not ready to be seen? We understand, and can keep some of the interviews audio only.

Advocate for psychedelic reform.

Contact lawmakers in your state to advocate for equal, safe, and legal access to psychedelic medicine.



See you there!

Psychedelic Science 2023

Denver, CO                  June 19-23

Wonderland Conference

Miami, FL                     Nov 9-11

More Events TBD

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